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Agents love working for Sibcy Cline

Whether, it’s our reputation for developing agents, marketing support or family dynamic, agents love working for Sibcy Cline.

Agent Story: Mike Embree

“It was incredibly rewarding to get to the Steps for Success Classes early in the morning, then race back to the office and spend the whole evening working because I was so inspired to utilize what I learned”

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Agent Story: Cheryl Brun

“As an agent, I have everything I need to be successful, including the support of everyone at Corporate. There has never been a time that I haven’t felt supported.”

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Agent Stories: Joe and Bri Biggs

“I’m big on marketing,” said Bri. “That’s one of the reasons I chose Sibcy, and it always looks a little different. We do everything from direct mailers to social media to events. I like to meet people face-to-face.”

What’s the best part of your job?

From the rush of making people happy to exploring new pockets of the community, find out why our agents love their jobs.

Agent Story: Ray Lo

Sibcy Cline has a fantastic post-real estate training called Steps to Success. You finish your training and license, but you’re still a liability until you take Steps. School teaches you to pass the test. Sibcy Cline teaches you to be a Realtor.

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Agent Story: Jan Mallon

Sibcy is a marketing machine! It’s homegrown and family-owned. Something about that and their roots in Cincinnati appeals to me because I come from a local, family-owned florist business where everyone in the family worked. 

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Agent Stories: Tiffany Zeuch

Once I switched to Sibcy Cline, however, the tools they offered helped give me confidence when going on listing appointments and talking to buyers I met at an open house or on phone duty.

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