Meet Tiffany Zeuch

Tiffany joined Sibcy Cline in June 2003. She had worked for a builder during her last summer at college prior to getting my real estate license. She tells us how she ended up in real estate.

When I graduated, it was just after 9/11 and rather difficult to get a job with my degree. I was still working for the builder and decided to get my real estate license. I started first at another company, because a colleague worked there. After almost a year, I decided to come to Sibcy Cline and work full time as an agent. I knew that Sibcy had great training and no monthly desk fees, which gave me some financial freedom to start off.

The hardest part for me was I was just 23 when I got my license, and it was difficult to get clients at my first company. Once I switched to Sibcy Cline, however, the tools they offered helped give me confidence when going on listing appointments and talking to buyers I met at an open house or on phone duty. That confidence and the power of a marketing department were huge assets! Some of the other services Sibcy offered, like a cutting edge website and professional photos, really helped when competing with other agents.

Pretty soon, I got into a routine: I start each day by checking emails. Then I go through a “to do list” that I create the night before. I try to get all my administration-type items out of the way in the morning (emails, info needed by a lender, title company, social media content to post, etc.). Depending on my appointment schedule for the week, I may work on a listing presentation or do some marketing. I am much better at time management now then when I first got started—that’s important!

The best part, however, is working with different people and helping them with their housing needs. I still love the challenge of figuring out the right fit!

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