Agent Stories: Cheryl Brun

Why real estate?

Funny story, but I’ll keep it short. I did some sales to help a friend for a charity event. She decided I needed to “sell stuff.” She said, “But not small stuff like Longaberger or Mary Kay. Big stuff like real estate.” The sign at the Lebanon Sibcy Cline office said, “think about a career in real estate” but I didn’t think any more about it. Then one day, I was visiting her office when she suddenly picked up the phone, dialed the number and handed it to me. Caught off guard, I left a message for the manager.

When the manager called me back, I set up a meeting with her. My background was in criminal justice/social work, so I didn’t know what to expect. I knew absolutely zero about selling real estate or what it took to do it, but after I met with the manager, I decided to get my license and join Sibcy Cline.

When did you join Sibcy?

I officially joined Sibcy Cline in 2001. For the first three years, I kept my full time job working for Hamilton County as a case manager for people with different abilities and jumped into real estate part time.

In the meantime, as any realtor will tell you, I had to list and sell my own house—and buy another. It seems like one of the first things you do is sell your house when you get your license! I parted ways with the county after that and never looked back.

At first, the hardest part was the flux in income, working for 100% commission. By 2009, I was a single mom, which meant some months were a struggle. But the potential for a good income is endless. It’s all about how much you put into it and how hard you work. So many
people get into this business thinking that they’re going to make tons of money with very little effort. Not true. It took me 12 years to hit six figures.  

But now, if I don’t have a good month, I have no one to blame but myself. And being self disciplined is hard! But being an agent with Sibcy Cline gives me all the tools I need to be successful. In fact, I like to say that I “bleed Sibcy Cline Red and Black.” It’s true: as an agent, I have everything I need to be successful, including the support of everyone at Corporate. There has never been a time that I haven’t felt supported.

I split commission with the company but I don’t have to pay for signs or lock boxes. I don’t have to put my own listings into MLS. I don’t have to take my own photos (no one wants to see that!). We have the best website in the industry, hands down…and I don’t have to run it, or manage it, or fix it when it goes down (which it never does).

So what’s an average day like?

I plan my days 24 hours in advance, when I schedule showings with as much notice as possible. Then I wake up and do whatever needs to be done: show houses, prospect, thank my clients, prepare for listing appointments, post on social media, talk to people, help other agents in the office, even look for opportunities during “personal” time. For example, my youngest bowled on the Lebanon Varsity Bowling Team. I attended every match and talked real estate whenever I got the chance!

Then you schedule for the next day and start all over again.

How do you like having every day looking a little different?

The best part of this job is the flexibility (which can also be the worst part of the job when you’re not feeling motivated). I was able to be Team Mom for the Bowling Team and volunteer in my girls’ schools because I set my own schedule.

But never was this more important than when my youngest was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at age 15. From the first day in Urgent Care with chest pains, through surgeries and transfusions, until she was clear several months later, I never left her side. I brought her with me to show houses. I stayed with her in the hospital and put deals together from her hospital room. No other job would allow you to take that much time off work and still get paid. This job is truly a blessing.

In fact, my youngest daughter was only one when I first joined. She and her older sister have literally grown up in our office, running and playing in cubicles while I was working or during the many family-friendly events we’ve held through the years. Now that she’s eighteen and thinking about her future, she’s considering getting her license as well.

Ready to take the first step?

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