Meet Agent Team: Joe and Bri Briggs

While most agents work solo, Joe and Bri Biggs decided to team up. As father and daughter, the trust was there and the relationship was solid.

Bri was actually the first one to explore the real estate industry. She grew up in Cincinnati and went to University of Cincinnati for undergrad. After that, she moved to Nashville for something different and ended up getting a job in property management …and rooming with a real estate agent.

While Bri enjoyed showing apartments, it didn’t take her long to realize her heart was in helping people find homes.

So she talked to her dad, Joe, who ran his own photography business. He had been a photographer all his life, creating a business out of a hobby. Over time, the industry had changed drastically and studios were going out of business. He was also at a point where he didn’t need much income and wanted to downsize. A long-time friend and client helped him in the process—and talked him into considering real estate himself.

“I was open to something new, but after being independent for so long, I could never do a 9 to 5,” said Joe. “I liked the idea of being self-employed. And once Bri talked about moving back and teaming up, I was in.”

Joining Sibcy Cline

Joe got licensed first and began at his friend’s brokerage, not Sibcy Cline. At first, Bri joined him there. But as she learned more and more about the real estate industry, she wasn’t content to stay. “We didn’t know brokerages are so different. We thought they were all the same.”

Together, Joe and Bri began to research their options and interview multiple companies.

Bri was dead set on one firm when she her high school friend Erika texted her about Sibcy. “ I had chosen a brokerage that had name recognition and was far more tech savvy than where we were,” said Bri. “As soon as we walked into Sibcy though, we knew it was different. Yes, it had all the tech support we wanted, but there was a supportive human element that we hadn’t found anywhere else. For one thing, instead of putting the ‘big league’ people in different offices, everybody was together and accessible. And they all seemed to get along.”

Sibcy checked all Bri and Joe’s boxes: progressive, access to resources, supportive in both corporate training and one-on-one colleague interaction. But it was the manager they met with who sealed the deal. “She was incredibly smart, friendly and genuine. Not standoffish, as we’ve found some people in real estate can be,” said Joe. “You can text her at 1am and she will answer. She’s there whenever you need her.”

Their gut instinct was right, the Sibcy dynamic was exactly what they were looking for. “We’ve found that experienced agents share freely,” said Bri. “We all learn from each other constantly.”

Building A Business

Of course, launching a 100% commission career can be a challenge. For Bri, it was incredibly different than a 9 to 5 salaried position. “At first, I felt like I was thrown to the wolves,” she said. “You’ve got to be very disciplined in this career, but you get to do something different every day. And you’re never just sitting at a desk. I love that.”

Joe had his own business and a huge network, but he had to start over and go find new business. For him, it was a fun challenge. In photography, people would see his work and then pay him to produce, staying completely hand-off. In real estate, they have a lot of questions—and they call the shots.

“It took some getting used to,” said Joe. “I’m learning a lot, like the art of negotiating and how to listen more than talk. You don’t get paid unless you close, so you really get exactly what you put into it.”  

An Average Day

Bri and Joe laughed at the thought of an average day. “Every day is so different,” said Joe. “We’re both into fitness, so we usually start by working out and checking MLS to see what the market’s like. Then we dig into emails and see if we have closings, inspections, showings, marketing, you name it.”

“I’m big on marketing,” said Bri. “That’s one of the reasons I chose Sibcy, and it always looks a little different. We do everything from direct mailers to social media to events. I like to meet people face-to-face.”

They also do a phone shift for a few hours a week at the office to get leads that come in. “There’s never a dull a moment,” said Joe, “But we are trying to structure ourselves more. As an artist, I wasn’t really structured. Business came to me. Now I have to go out after them.”

“Plus,” Bri adds, “You might try to schedule something, but it doesn’t always work like that. If someone wants to see the house in an hour, you do it!”

A Job They Love

Now that it’s been more than three years since they both changed careers, they can look back and see that the decision was right.

Joe finds the most satisfaction in working negotiating deals, explaining inspections and ultimately getting people to the closing table. “It’s totally free enterprise! To me, that’s not scary—it doesn’t intimidate me.”

Bri loves meeting new people 24/7. “I just wish I had started earlier. I could have gotten started in college and done real estate on the side to become well-known and build my network.”

Though they both handle the job differently, they make the work fit their individual personalities. “I don’t live and breathe this business—I’m not that way,” said Joe. “I still do photography on the side, too.”

Bri, on the other hand, does live and breathe it. “I’m always marketing! I pick up the phone, text and email. I create direct mailers and videos and am starting to plan more meet-and-greet events. Being in my own community helps too. Regularly, an acquaintance from high school will reach out.”

And the team dynamic?

Being a younger female and older male allows them to reach a wide audience. Joe specializes in senior citizens and can empathize with somebody who’s downsizing while Bri focuses on first-time homebuyers.

“Not only can we reach more people together, but we get along better!” Joe said.

Bri agreed wholeheartedly. “In three years, we’ve had one argument. Before that, we didn’t see anything eye to eye. Now we have a good time. We’re having fun!”

“Wait,” Joe stopped her, “That argument happened before we joined Sibcy!”

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