Agent Stories: Mike Embree

When did you join Sibcy?

I received certifications for my license in 2011, but I joined Sibcy Cline in the beginning of 2017.

Why did you choose to go into real estate?

I come from a background in many industries—from theatre performance/education, restaurant management, sales, and customer service. I found that it wasn’t always easy to want to follow a general industry standards for a these jobs. It felt like I didn’t have much freedom or room to create my own role.

I needed something that would allow me to be separated from everyone else as far as independent success is concerned, but also to make me feel comfortable enough to be myself.

I have a great Aunt who working in real estate and she always thought I had the right personality. Turns out she was right!

What made Sibcy a good fit?

There are so many broker’s to choose from. I had about 10 different interviews lined up with my top choices from my independent research. Through all my research, Sibcy Cline was very prompt to return my phone calls and emails, which showed me they take what they do very seriously. It was important to me that the broker reflect the standard I hold for myself, and Sibcy did.

The Beavercreek Sibcy Cline office with Cyndi Scarpelli was actually my first interview. I had three pages of notes/questions that I wanted to have answered. Within 10 minutes, I knew this was the right office and company for me. I could tell that Cyndi wanted me to succeed in whatever way is best for me, not according to some standard cookie-cutter process. And I still love the phrasing in all her email signatures: “Work for a purpose, not a paycheck.”

What was joining it like?

Joining a new industry or changing companies can be pretty difficult no matter where you are or what you are doing. I knew I needed to be free of “The Boss” breathing down my neck so I could utilize my personality and independence to its full advantage. But this was actually the worst part and the best part of my transition.

It was terrifying to enter a world of just commission. At the same time, it was incredibly rewarding to get to the Steps for Success Classes early in the morning, then race back to the office and spend the whole evening working because I was so inspired to utilize what I learned.  I had to adjust to an entirely new life and mindset of living, but I had a whole new support system: Sibcy literally became like family.

What’s an average day like?

Every agent is different. Some are very independent and like to seclude themselves, some never stop working, and some barely work. For me, I wake up at 6am and relax on the sofa with my coffee for about an hour, then respond to some emails from my laptop and plan my day. Anywhere from 8am-10am, I head into the office and work until 6-8pm, depending on the day.

I’ve got showings, presentations and meetings out of the office, of course, but I also make it a point to be in the office because I have all the supplies, computers, printers, and everything I could possibly need to do my job well. Sibcy Cline’s SIMON or “intranet” for employees is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It offers so many options to improve myself—for someone who craves success, it’s like being a kid in a candy store.

Most people leave careers because they don’t like where they work, but I LOVE to be around my colleagues and I LOVE having a career that is dependant upon the efforts I directly put into it. I have lazy days just like everyone else, but you better believe I earned that lazy day instead of using an “off” day because I dreaded going back to work like a typical 9-5. I am a loose cannon of passion and Sibcy Cline helps me channel that energy into success, which feels so great!

What’s your favorite part of your job?

It is really tough to pick my favorite part of my job! To be able to have my schedule be arranged based on what it most important to me is just fantastic and to achieve success as a direct result of my own work ethic is so very rewarding. But there is no better feeling than the client relationship. I’ve met clients randomly at a showing—then been able to help them sell their home and buy a new once while they are going through a major life change, like a divorce. Then they’ve recommended me to their child to sell their home and buy a new one. By then, I’ve developed such a bond, I might even be included in the email announcement of the birth of a grandchild.

I may not be the best agent there is, and I may not be the best fit for every customer, but by being myself and taking the work I do seriously, I have the power to impact people’s lives in tremendous ways and help them achieve the American Dream of home ownership. That is plenty of reward for me, and definitely my favorite part.

What advice would you give yourself now that you wish you’d had when you started?

Learn more! There is never such a thing as too much learning and the more you learn, the more equipped you are. If education/training is known to be the best tool a company can offer their employees, then Sibcy Cline is certainly top notch.

What cinched it was the structure of Sibcy’s training and the lengths this company goes to for their clients first and always, but also for every individual member. I am a numbers person, so I definitely broke down the pay scales and overhead as well. Sibcy Cline offers the most support/training with the least amount of expenses. I knew while I was diving into the market, I wasn’t going to drown.

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